Get used to this term.  It's "Weekendvy".  It's the feeling that everyone else had a better weekend than you did.  Nobody wants to be the one that just spent the entire weekend watching reruns of Cops with their cats (even if that was you) so we make up lies...  So what do we lie about?

Here are the top 5 lies people tell to make their weekend seem a whole lot cooler than it really was according to a study on

  1. That you went out with a bunch of friends on Saturday, and it got OUT OF CONTROL!!
  2. That you did something adventurous.  Seriously, who goes bungee jumping and skydiving on the same weekend?
  3. That you did something educational, like going to a museum.  Chances are this person always knows more than you do.
  4. That you went out to an expensive restaurant for dinner.  We are all in the same office.  We know you can't afford that place.
  5. That you went AWAY with someone for the weekend.

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