2017 is coming to a close which means "New Year, New Things" in many different ways. From people attempting to keep their resolutions to new trends popping up we can head into the new year with both excitement and anxiety. PureWow has released some some trends that we can look to happen in 2018.


  • 1

    Ruffle Shoulders

    Look for the change to come in blouses with ruffles sliding back into fashion...on the shoulders. PureWow calls it a "delicate, vintage-inspired look".

  • 2

    Indie Wine Brands

    Much like the Craft Beer boom look for Indie Wine Brands to pop up in 2018.

  • 3

    Several Week-Long Vacation

    Look for people to start booking trips from weeks to months. No more quick weekend getaways, a real escape is needed.

    Elena Elisseeva
  • 4

    Colorful Kitchen

    Bye black, bye white. Color is the new kid in town for 2018. Don't worry, you don't need to replace your appliances, but maybe think about adding some color to the cabinets and backsplashes!

  • 5


    If you thought selfies were bad wait for this. A "Plandid" is a planned candid moment, which is a nice oxymoron. Look for people to start surprisingly looking good in moments they "didn't even know someone was taking a picture."