Think of how tattoos have changed over the years.  Some of the things that these artists are able to pull off are amazing.  And they're only about to get better.

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Trends come and go...that's why we call them trendy.  What's hot today might not be so hot tomorrow.  But when it comes to tattoos, you want to make sure that you're getting one because you love it - not JUST because it's trendy.

Who is the best artist?

Last week we did a post where we asked you who should be on a "best of" list.  We were looking for your favorite tattoo artists for 2023.  You came up with a huge list.

In the comments though, one of those named artists came back with a comment that stood out.  The comment was this:

"Best at what? There are so many styles of tattooing it’s hard to be the best at all of them."

It's a fair statement. How do you determine the best?  That's why it's an art, right?  One artist might be good at one thing and REALLY good at something else.  They're constantly getting better and better at their craft.

Tattoo Trends From The Past

Remember the tattoo your uncle had when you were growing up?  He was probably in the service or rode a motorcycle.  Those tattoos looked a lot different from the tattoos of today.  Just think of all the trends that we've gone through in the last 30 years with tattoos.  Remember the tribal armbands that people were getting in the late 90s and early 2000s?  There was what has become known as the "tramp stamp."  There was a period when people were getting their names written in a different language (or at least what they thought was how their names were translated).  It felt like everyone was getting a tattoo like that.

Tattoo Trends of Today

Here are just some of the tattoo trends that we see these days:

1.  Watercolor Tattoos

If you've seen these, you know what they look like.  They're super cool and an incredibly artistic way of adding color to your tattoo.  The colors are softer looking and they're blended to look more like a water color painting instead of an outlined design.

2. Fine Line Tattoos

Instead of thick heavy looking tattoos, these fine line tattoos can have a lot more detail to them.  They're done using incredibly thin lines.

3. Geometric Tattoos

Picture a bunch of geometric shapes all put together to make a bigger design.  They normally include things like hexagons or other repeating shapes.

4. Blackwork Tattoos

While colors are still big, blackwork tattoos are gaining momentum again too.  Picture bold black lines and full designs.  According to Authority Tattoo, they normally cover large areas of the body like an entire torso or an entire leg.



5. Text Tattoos

These ones are pretty self-explanatory.  The person getting these types of tattoos can express a feeling or a mantra in words and font that matches the feel of the tattoo.


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