Today we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day and I am glad it is PET day, not Dog day because Cats are the far better pet!

It is no secret I am a cat guy and I have a rescued cat named Stamp. She got her name because the Humane Society found her in a mailbox before we adopted her!

But...growing up I did have a dog named Stoney but soon realized that cats make a better pet..Here are the reasons why:

1. They go to the bathroom inside: That's right, no early morning wake-up calls to let the dogs outside. I don't know about you, but I prefer to stay in a warm bed when it is snowing and 0 degrees outside at 4am. Call me crazy!

2. They cuddle on their own time: And most of the time they don't want to! See when a cat wants to be petted, it will wander over to you, allow you to pet it 2 or 3 times (no more than 3) and then walk away. No constantly throwing a ball, stick, kong, or whatever.

3. They don't need to be taken to a Cat park: There is nothing more annoying than trying to make small talk with a stranger while your dogs sniff each other in some random enclosed patch of grass. Most cats are happy to rule inside the house and don't want to leave.

4. They don't wake you up with a sloppy wet doggie breath kiss: Sure cats may wake you up with their meowing or by sitting on your head, but if you own a cat they will never wake you up by leaving a slime like streak of spit on your face.

5. They really are not pets: You see most cat owners are not really owners. We are pets for our cats. most cases the Cat is the ruler of the house and lets us live with them since we provide food and water! So while your dog is your little fur-baby, we are cat's weird looking fleshy roommate.

So Happy Love Your Pet Day and enjoy some pictures of my Cat Stamp, who approved of these pictures!

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