This morning we were talking on Clay and Company about how there are two different types of people:

1.) The people that will bargain and call numerous locations looking for the best price.


2.) The person that gets one price and doesn't want to waste anymore time and just says 'that is great, thanks, okay'. There is no more work done and this person doesn't care about saving a buck (or many). 

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Clay is person #1

Val and Rob are #2 people. 

Actually, Val is in the process of renovating her entire home and we were saying there are a few things people really don't realize that they can negotiate on and can save a lot of money if you do! What else do you think we can add to the list?

  • 1

    Fridges + Other Appliances

  • 2

    Medical Bills

  • 3


  • 4

    Cable Bills or Phone Bills

  • 5

    Gym Membership

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