The holidays can be a stressful time. That stress can lead to clenching of your teeth which can result in TMJ.  Here are some ways to stay less stressed during the holidays.

  1. Don't skip meals or snacks.  This can keep your blood sugar stabilized and keeps you energized.
    2. Exercise.  Exercise can be a healthy form of stress relief.  Just 20 minutes per day can lighten your mood.
    3. Get enough sleep.  When you feel rested, you can stay in control of your emotions.
    4. Find ways to relax.  Get a massage, take a bubble bath or read a book.  Get your mind off tasks you need to get done and focus on you.
    5. Stay organized and manage your time. Figure out a game plan to tackle your holiday parties and shopping and stick to the plan.  That way, you can get everything you want to get done in a timely manner without procrastinating.