We all know we have the best wings.

We know it, but we have 6 other things that are Buffalo, NY staples. Things that we own, we eat, we call different from everyone else sometimes, we make better, we enjoy more than anywhere else in the United States.

Lets countdown the 6 other foods besides chicken wings (or Buffalo wings if you're not around the 716) that we potentially could....and do.....claim as the best in America.

  • Dale Mussen photo
    Dale Mussen photo

    Hot Dogs

    Teds. Sahlen's.

    Maybe we take this one for granted. We actually have some of the best hot dogs in the United States--that  Sahlen's signature smokehouse flavor is what gets you every time.

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    Getty Images

    Sponge Candy

    Buffalo's go-to chocolate that half of the rest of the country has never even tried.

    Don't even try calling it Angel Cake or whatever people outside of Buffalo name it.

    Fowler's. Watson's. Parkside.

  • (YouTube via Bruckman Media LLC)
    (YouTube via Bruckman Media LLC)

    Chicken Finger Subs

    Say no more--have you ever gone to a sub place anywhere else and had a chicken finger sub loaded with mayo and hot sauce like in Buffalo?

    Answer: No.

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    Getty Images

    Beef On Weck

    People outside of Buffalo really don't even know what this is, so this was an obviously must on the list.

    Swiston's? Anderson's? Schwabl's? Bar Bill?

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    Getty Images


    I'm going to toss this one on here.

    Arguable, for sure.

    But, you know there's nothing like pizza here. Sure, New York is unique. Chicago may be competitive, but I'd still put up LaNova's or Bocce Club up against them.

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    This one gets on this list for the sole reason that nobody loves the Polish heritage like Buffalo, NY.


    Speaking of, the Dyngus Day parties in the Dyngus Day capital of the world (that's us) are all lined up for the year! Check them out here!

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