What we're going do here is go back – WAY back!  Let's take a trip back in time and have some (cheesy) retro nostalgia fun with Buffalo local television spots that "live on" thanks to a fun little place called YouTube. There is some excellent "Wow! I remember THAT commercial!" entertainment here.

  • Gioia Macaroni Commercial.

We all remember Gioia in Western New York. Here's a VERY old jingle/commercial going back to 1953!

  • Paolini's Pizza.

WARNING – Maaaaay be a tad suggestive. You should watch it first then see if you can share it at the office or home. This is a VERY low-budget one; it's so bad it's good.

  • The Pizza Planet.

Figured I'd show back-to-back pizza commercials here. Let's throw it back to when arcades were much more popular.  There is extra cheese on this pizza commercial.

  • Hayes TV Rental.

Remember "super cable?" Remember when you could get MORE than 13 channels? Remember the 80s?

  • Ziggy & Zon's

In the same plaza as the now Airport Plaza Jewelers, there was Ziggy & Zon's!

  • Seneca Mall.

Remember this place? So many malls in Buffalo back in the day!  Honorable mentions: Thruway Mall and Summit Park Mall.  (I'll look for those commercials soon.)

  • The Executive Hotel.

Here's another one where hearing the name takes you back! The hotel across from the airport that I believe Club 747 resided inside!




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