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Everyone knows that Bills tailgates are a highlight of the fall season in Buffalo. The sea of blue and red brings a joy to Buffalonians the world over. So when you attend, you want to bring your A-game. Here are some essentials to survive a tailgate the Buffalo way.

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    White Folding Table

    First off, you'll definitely need this if you want to fit in with all those table-breakers out there.

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    Buffalo Bills Flag

    Use this to show your Buffalove, or use it as a blanket when those winter games come around.

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    Jell-O Shot Syringes

    These are always good for a little pick-me-up before heading in to the stadium.

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    Beer Vest

    Carrying around a case of beer can be tiring, so why not just wear it?

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    4-Person Beer Bong

    Use this if you want to prove to our opposing rivals what fans are really the best (Buffalo, of course).

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    Beer Stick

    When shotgunning just isn't good enough.

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    Clear Tote Bag

    Clear bags are the only ones allowed in the stadium now!

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