How is it already this time of the year again? The Erie County Fair is getting underway today and although the weather is kind of crummy, there is a lot to look forward to.

We go to the fair every year for mandatory deep fried oreos, deep fried tacos, Chiavetta's, check out the 4H barns, and go to a concert or two. Of course, things are a little different because of COVID, but I was getting ready to go visit the Erie County Fair today, I learned few things that I thought were important to pass along. Not only were they important, but they can save you a few bucks, too!

The opening day is today, Wednesday, August 11 and the Fair will go all the way through August 22. What time will the Erie County Fair be open? The Erie County Fair is open from 11 in the morning until 11 at night every day except opening day, which has gates opening up at noon!

ALSO, some of our favorite and most important days at the Fair: Veterans and Firefighter Days. Admission is free for those who serve on these days.

FIREFIGHTERS DAY - Friday, August 13th

VETERANS DAY - Sunday, August 15th

What about parking?! All lots have accessible parking, however, the best lots to use are:
Lot 4 off South Park and Lot 5 off of Clark Street

Here are 7 important things that you should know before you go to the Erie County Fair!

What You Need To Know Before Going To The Erie County Fair

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There are parts of Western New York that you never knew existed, and one of those places may be the Glen Amusement Park and Casino.

If you can’t remember an amusement park at this location in Williamsville, that may be because Harry Altman’s Glen Amusement Park and Casino, a center of attractions for western NYers, was destroyed by a massive fire September 1968. A fire destroyed the park in September 1968.

Thankfully, Ron Urban, who grew up in WNY and lived inside the Glen Amusement Park and Casino complex, has held onto photographs from as far back as 1946 when he lived in that childhood home, along the banks of Ellicott Creek and located below the falls.

Even if you weren't able to see the Glen Amusement Park and Casino in person, now you can relive the memory of this historic part of WNY -- all thanks to Ron Urban and the photographs he has kept over the years.

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