It doesn’t have to be Dyngus Day to indulge in a batch of delicious pierogies. 

Who knew that simple ingredients like potatoes, butter, eggs, and sour cream could taste so amazing together? Polish-American Buffalonians knew, that’s who.

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Pierogies have been a staple of Buffalo-area restaurants and household freezers for as long as we can remember. They’re super easy to heat up after a long day at work (or a long night out on Chippewa) and are guaranteed to hit the spot every single time. We don’t know a single Buffalonian who wouldn’t chow down on a plate of pierogies placed in front of them. Cheese, onions, beef, sauerkraut, spinach - whatever the filling, we all know that pierogi is going to be delish.

Although the origin of the pierogi can be debated (some historians believe it was invented in Asia), the word “pierogi” first appeared in Polish cookbooks in the 1600s, and quickly became a favorite dish. 

According to Buffalo Spree, the Polish started immigrating to Buffalo in the 1850s and 60s, and now (along with Cheektowaga) boasts one of the largest Polish-American populations in the United States. Buffalo was even named one of the “7 Most Polish Cities Outside Of Poland”.

So naturally, it’s not hard to find a spot in Western New York that carries tasty pierogies on the menu. But which places are the best of the best?

Here are 8 spots right here in the Buffalo area to dive into a plate of hot, savory, mouth-watering pierogies smothered in sour cream. Smacznego!

8 Great Places For Pierogies In Buffalo, New York

It doesn’t have to be Dyngus Day to indulge in a batch of delicious pierogies.

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