This criminal thought he had done his homework.  He found the home of an 82 year old woman that he was going to burglarize.  He didn't know this though...

Willie Murphy is no pushover.

As a matter of fact, this 82 year old woman is probably in better shape than a lot of people half her age.  You see...she's a body builder.  She took up powerlifting 8 years ago.  Last year, the Today show even did a segment on her:

So when this would be intruder started pounding on her door to break in, she hid in the shadows and waited for him.

According to WHAM, he was able to get in her house, but that's when his worst nightmare came at him.  Willie jumped from the darkness and broke a table on him (eat your hearts out BillsMafia!).  Then she grabbed a bottle of shampoo from her kitchen table and covered his face and eyes with it.

It didn't stop there.  Once he was mobilized she hit him with a broom and called the police.  When they got there, she was trying to drag him out to the porch for them.

She said that the intruder was happy when they finally put him in the ambulance because then she couldn't hurt him anymore!

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