How long is too long to sit on a bench in a public place? Turns, out, there IS a limit and New York City is about to go after those who abuse that time.

Public safety is always a priority when it comes to running any organization or when you have a public event or setting. There are many factors that have to come in to play to keep us safe and officials in every state are working to come up with the ideal ways to keep am eye on us to insure safety.

The next time you are waiting for a ride or to take a bus in New York City, you may see less and less people laying down on benches thanks in part to a new ordinance.

The MTA is expected to vote tomorrow on a rule that bans anyone from sitting on benches in the new Grand Central Madison for more than an hour and a half. The MTA says the 90 minute rule is a continuation of a Grand Central Terminal rule.

The spring is here and that means you will be getting out of the house or apartment more often. Perhaps you will be taking a trip to New York City or planning on taking a train to get to a Yankees game or Mets game? If passed, this law would may open up some seating or, make things feel a little more safe?

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