There is nothing like an ice cold drink on a hot summer day! For many, it is a tall glass of fresh root beer that refreshes the best! If you have had an A&W root beer in the last seven years, you may have some cash coming back to you.

The summer means that you may want a glass of lemonade or iced tea? Did you see the guy who chugged a gallon of lemonade in a record time? While most people were focused on the hot dog contest, there was a man who was also breaking records!


There may be a substantial cash award coming to those who have had some A&W root beer or cream soda in the last seven years. In a report filed by NBC, it was indicated that:

According to court documents, the $15 million settlement covers anyone in the United States who purchased one or more A&W Root Beer or Cream Soda products labeled as “Made With Aged Vanilla” for personal or household use (and not for resale) any time between Feb. 7, 2016 and June 2, 2023. Furthermore, in order to receive compensation, you don’t need proof of purchase.

The lawsuit is based on the issue that the popular soft drink is using artificial flavors as opposed to natural flavoring and has been deceiving those who purchase the products.

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