Every family has its Thanksgiving traditions. Some families watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Some run a Turkey Trot.  Maybe you're the type of family that breaks the wishbone.  Some will head to the attic to grab the Christmas decorations and trim the tree after dinner.  Some don't associate with family at all and instead opt for the new age alternative Friendsgiving.  Maybe your family played a backyard football game, or maybe you're the type that watches all eleven hours of football that the NFL offers on Turkey day. OH GLORIOUS DAY OF NFL NIRVANA!

Where were we?  Oh yes, Thanksgiving traditions. Maybe you're the type of family that this year is ready to say the hell with tradition, and head out to a restaurant for your turkey day feast.

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As far back as I can remember, we packed up the old family truckster and headed to my Nane & Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving, and I got to enjoy some of the best meals of my childhood...at least that's how I remember it.  Then as time went by, I started to contribute to the meal myself, making my famous homemade Mac n' Cheese every year.  But, let's face it, sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Well, if you have reached that point, pack up the wife, the kids, and heck if you want you can bring cranky old Uncle Al along, and start a new family tradition of dining out on Thanksgiving. From the traditional Turkey day menu to offerings that stray away from the turkey and stuffing, here's the list of Buffalo restaurants that we have found that will take the work off of your plate, and literally put the food on it for you.

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