Ted’s Hot Dogs is my go-to place for lunch. I go at LEAST once a week, and I get the same thing every time I go: regular dog, french fry and strawberry shake (the shakes there are to die for).

A guy that dubbed himself, the hot dog guy, travels the country to famous hot dog joins in the United States and he made a stop at Buffalo’s own Ted’s Hot Dogs. Thecly Ortolani, the original Ted’s granddaughter sat down with him to talk about how started selling cigars, cigarettes, popcorn and peanuts around Buffalo just walking around selling until he finally got a ‘lunch-wagon’ to sell hot dogs. In 1927 when the Peace Bridge was being built, there was a small construction shack and when it was completed he bought it and started selling hot dogs! The rest is history, but it is super interesting to hear the two talk (he doesn’t even know what Loganberry is, either).
Now, I’m hungry…

Read More: Here Is How Ted’s Hot Dogs Started in Buffalo [VIDEO] | http://929jackfm.com/here-is-how-teds-hot-dogs-started-in-buffalo-video/?trackback=tsmclip

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