WYRK is proud to be at the first day of the final summer at Mickey Rats! The big day is almost here and it's time to start looking back at some of the great moments we have shared at Mickey Rats over the past few years.One of my favorite memories will always be the "Sun of a Beach" festival that we hosted a few years ago. It was the perfect weather top bring thousands of friends and listeners to the beach in Angola.

Lake Erie was the backdrop as several Western New York bands performed throughout the day including the Zac Brown Tribute Band (ZBTB).

It's sad to see Mickey Rats closing.  The list of the major stars that have graced the patio and the beach is extensive. Joe Nichols, Kristian Bush, Lee Brice and Montgomery Gentry are just a few of the big names.

I'll never forget the night that I was hosting a Friday night "Country on the Coast" party and because of a brief thunderstorm, we had to move indoors. While we were singing along with the band, a bat flew in to the bar! It must have looked like a bit of a circus routine as a few of us were trying to capture the bat or at least send him on his way back outside. I used my black stetson to cover the bat and escort him away. The party went on!

There are so many great memories of fun in the sun and the beautiful sunsets before one of our shows began.

Mickey Rats opens it's doors for the first day of the last summer this Friday, April 21st.

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