This new scam is one that is so believable that I almost fell for it the other day. You're going to get an email and the scammer's goal is to get routing information to your bank account.

These scam artists are getting better and better. They're disguising themselves to seem like they should be apart of your daily life (i.e. ever notice a phone call coming in that is very similar to yours? Or an email that is spelled almost identical to your company's, but only a letter is off).

The scammer's goal is rerouting an employee’s paycheck by direct deposit by posing as you and asking someone in HR for help. All these scammers need is one-time to hit the jackpot and they can be set for a while.

"Do you have a minute? I need you to help me take care of something important. I need to update my direct deposit" are some of the emails businesses are getting.

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