If this isn't a clear sign of the times, I am not sure what is.

There is a new phone plan available that is designed just for kids. According to the USA Today,

Verizon is offering what they call their “Just Kids” plan, which includes 5GB of 4G LTE data plus unlimited talk and text to 20 contacts pre-approved by the parents (which can be changed using an app). There will also be no overage fees for data, with speeds slowed down if a child goes beyond their data allotment.

I hate to admit it. But we have used the phone as a way to calm our almost three year old son. There are times when it is just a necessity when tantrums happen in public. To be honest, I am not sure how we would have made it through some dinners without a major meltdown if it wasn't for the help of a YouTube Kids video.


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