Earlier this year my wife said we need to get a pool heater. Though our pool gets a lot of sun and we use a solar cover, solar pills and the black solar mat, my wife would like our pool to be even warmer. Personally, I don't mind 75 degrees. She, on the other hand would like it closer to 90! So rather than spend a lot of money on a heater and of course the gas we would use I decided to check on line to see what other folks do.

Being a "country boy" myself ,I really liked the one you'll see in the Youtube video. Maribeth, my wife didn't say no...but I did get "the look". You know, eyebrow raised and the stare that says, "don't even THINK about it'. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait until she complains about the water being too cold and remind her I did offer to build one!