It wasn't just you.  People all over the world are experiencing outages with Facebook.  So, what's going on?

Is Facebook down?

It's probably the biggest question we've gotten over the last hour.  Is there something wrong with Facebook?  The answer is yes, there's something wrong right now.  As of around 10:20am Eastern Time Facebook started experiencing outages.  Instagram is also having some issues but it isn't quite as widespread as Facebook.

What happened?

While many of us were on social media this morning, we were suddenly logged out of Facebook and Instagram.  We received a message that read "Session Ended" and we were back at the login screen.  However, attempts to log back in didn't work.  Even if you changed your password, we couldn't get back in.

As of right now, they haven't been able to tell us what happened with Facebook.  Andy Stone is the director of communications for Meta and he issued a quick statement on X that they were aware that they were down and that they were working on getting it fixed as soon as possible.

Who else is experiencing an outage?

There's a website that will let you know when people are experiencing outages.  It's called Down Detector.  Around 10:30am they had already gotten over 470,000 reports of outages with Facebook.  There were about 73,000 with Instagram.  There were just over 1000 with sites like Google and YouTube.

What caused the outage?

They haven't commented yet on what caused the outage.  They've only said that they're working to get it back up and running.  As of 11:45am service has been reinstated.  You should be able to log back in now.

This is a developing issue still and we will update when new information is provided.


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