There was a 19-year old and her friend on Tuesday morning, at around six in the morning, a spider apparently fell on the driver,she got scared and lost control of her car in the parking lot of the LaSalle Yacht Club in Niagara Falls.

She ended up hopping the curb and then crashing into 2 boats and ruining a dock and an electrical box before the car fell into the water. The fire department came to the rescue and with a local tow company, they removed the car from the water. Ironically, one person commented below the tweet and said 'Did you know that the boat on the right (blue one) is owned by the Niagara Falls Fire Chief? He just bought the boat a month or so ago! There is a video below as well.'

Nobody was injured, but the boats were really beat up with tons of damage. In fact, according to WKBW, one boat was BRAND NEW!

According to a release, a 1987 SunRunner and a 2020 Godfrey pontoon boat, sustained extensive damage. The dock and electrical box also sustained damage.

It seemed like all the girls who were commenting below the original tweet (which you can see below with the video attached) felt for the girl--commenting that a spider in the car is no joke.

The woman that was driving was charged with reckless driving and failure to reduce speed and she has to go back to court in August.

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