When people think of Buffalo, they think of snow.  Can you really blame them?  After the historic Snowvember storm of 2014 (See Gallery Below), which happened seven years ago this week, the rest of the country's perception of our fair city is that it must start snowing here after Labor Day, and not let up until 6 weeks after Punxatawny Phil sees his shadow.

Now, they aren't entirely wrong.  Based on several lists out there on the internet, Buffalo ranks anywhere from fifth to eighth in the nation, with an average annual snowfall of around 70 inches.

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But what about having snow on the ground when Santa rolls into Western New York?  According to The National Weather Service, having a White Christmas isn't as common as one would think.

Turns out, they define a "White Christmas" as having had at least one inch of snowfall on the ground on Christmas Day itself.  So, yes, while there have been several years where there has been snow on the ground on Christmas Day, it technically hasn't been a "White Christmas". At least when speaking in weather terms.

Some fun weather facts about Christmas day in Buffalo, NY thanks to the National Weather Service:

"-The highest temperature recorded on Christmas is 64F degrees in 1982.

-The lowest the mercury has fallen to on Christmas is -10F in 1980.

-The high temperature averages 34F degrees and the low 22F degrees on Christmas Day.

-The greatest precipitation recorded on Christmas Day was 1.14 inches in 2003.

-The 8.4 inches of snow measured in a Christmas storm in 2002 was the greatest snowfall on Christmas Day."

But, just how rare is a White Christmas? Well, it turns out that it is almost a 50/50 proposition.  The National Weather Service says that historically, there is a 59% chance of that happening here in Buffalo, based on their data of snowfall records which started being kept way back in 1893.

So while the odds are probably much higher that there will be a blanket of white on the ground come Christmas Day, the chances of a "White Christmas" are too close to call.

Snowvember - November 2014

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