He may be a doggone good boy, but this was such a rookie mistake. 

The Buffalo Bisons made their final stretch of home games a memorable one when a cute four-legged friend, quite literally, walked onto the baseball diamond.

Rookie is a golden retriever who is the “bat dog” for the Trenton Thunder. As you might remember, the Buffalo Bisons allowed the Toronto Blue Jays to use Sahlen Field for an MLB season, but that displaced the Bisons. They needed a place to call home while away from Sahlen Field, and the Bisons were able to find that temporary home at the Trenton Thunder ballpark in New Jersey.

All teams have since returned to their respective home parks, and similar to the way the Blue Jays thanked the Bisons for inviting them onto their diamond, the Buffalo Bisons wanted to thank the Trenton Thunder for their hospitality. 

They decided that they wanted to promote Trenton’s “bat dog” Rookie to Triple-A, even if it was just for a day. 

The big debut for Rookie the golden retriever was on Wednesday. The Trenton Thunder sent Rookie to Sahlen Field to be Buffalo’s mascot for the game, but as it turns out, Rookie had other plans for his big debut to work his way to the pitcher’s mound.  

It happened very early in the game. The Buffalo Bisons were at-bat in the first inning of their game against the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs. Rookie got so excited, he ran out onto the field to interrupt the game. 

Do not let this rookie mistake fool you; Rookie is a skilled “bat dog” professional.

The Minor League Baseball’s official account on Twitter said, “We still love him.”

How could you not? I mean, look at that FACE!

The Buffalo Bisons did end up losing to the Ironpigs on Wednesday night 3-0 in a game that was called early due to the rain. 

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