Air quality is expected to be poor today in WNY. The heat today will create a formation of ground level ozone, which then creates photochemical smog. Typically you'll find photochemical smog in big cities with sunny, warm climates with a lot of automobiles. Officials are saying if you have respiratory issues you should limit your time outside. The DEC explained issuing the alert:

"DEC and DOH issue Air Quality Health Advisories when DEC meteorologists predict levels of pollution, either ozone or fine particulate matter are expected to exceed an Air Quality Index (AQI) value of 100.  "

The DEC also went on to include young children, those who exercise outside and those who participate in vigorous outdoor work to those who should limit their time outdoors today during the alert hours.

The DEC does have an Air Quality Hotline set up for those that would like more information or the latest on the air quality. 1-800-535-1345

You can also visit the following websites.