We are living in the future. It is an experience you have never had before at a restaurant in Buffalo.

There is a restaurant in Western New York that now has robots to serve you food. It is a robot with artificial intelligence that will come deliver your food right to your table. You have to take a look at the video below!

How do you order exactly from these robots?

Wind Japanese & Thai

7566 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221

You will be sat by a server or a host who will guide you through the whole process. You order from an iPad and then your server will come to confirm your order to go back to the kitchen. Then you just wait for the robot (or sometimes another server) to bring the food!

What do the robots look like?

About 4 feet tall, but cat themed. It sounds crazy, but they had ears and a 'screen' where the face is. The robots would come deliver the food right up to the table and when you take it off, it goes back to the kitchen.

Do the robots replace the servers?

No. Not exactly. In fact, there were tons of servers that were phenomenal. The service was great and came to check if we needed drink refills, take away used plates and silverware, and check on us.

It was a really cool experience. Check out the robots below. Here are some pictures of what it looks like inside of The Wind on Transit Road!


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