There are still some good people in the world. Take, for instance, this man who was just a customer in a restaurant and turned out to be a hero in disguise. He made his waitress's dreams come true!

A woman took to Tumblr to tell the story about her mom who has eight years in art education and works the same job that her daughter does as a waitress. According to her story, a man that she was waiting on came in and struck up a conversation with her about where she was from. She told him that her family is from Florence, Italy, but that she had never been there before.

He said thank you told her to have a nice day. Then he left the restaurant.

When they checked the man's bill, they found an incredible tip, along with a note:


It looks like there are still good people in the world. Good for this guy for brightening this woman's day and for giving the rest of us some hope!