Angaleena Presley is giving a behind-the-scenes preview of her upcoming album, 'American Middle Class,' set for release on Oct. 14.

The Pistol Annies member highlights her middle-class upbringing on the album, which features the voice of her dad, a former coal miner in Kentucky, on the title track. Presley says that being in the middle class isn't always easy, but the hard work is worth a lot.

“You keep doing it. You be proud of it,” she tells Country Weekly. “I feel like it’s a necessary evil. You recognize yourself as one of the heroes of the country.”

The autobiographical album was co-produced by Presley and her husband Jordan Powell. The singer also wrote or co-wrote all 12 of the tracks.

"It's like my autobiography -- each of the songs is a chapter of my life," she says. "I've literally lived every minute of this record. My mama ain't none too happy about me spreading my business around, but I have to do it. It's the experience of my life from birth to now."

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