I found this study on one of our prep sites and thought it was pretty interesting. The University of Michigan conducted this study about how parents may be out of touch regarding..... teens and their use of alcohol and drugs.  According to the findings, moms and dads with teens between the ages of 13-17 DO REALIZE that teens are using, but very FEW think their OWN TEENS are indulging.  More findings show that parents nationwide believe that at least 40% of 10th grade students have used marijuana and 6 out of 10 have tried alcohol.  When it comes to their own kids--only 10% believe their kids have used alcohol and 5% have smoke pot.

So I ask....Are these parents delusional?  Are they just trying to protect their kids?  Were you not a teen at one point in your life?  Did you experiment?......I bet many of you did!