A new survey conducted on sports fans has revealed some very interesting choices for every state's favorite sports team.

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Ever since Bar Stool Sports posted this Tweet, sports fans across the country have debated which sports team is the favorite in their state.


The Buffalo Bills were named the favorite team in New York State and if you ask me that is 100% correct. Both the New York Giants and Jets play their home games in New Jersey so they really don't count as New York Teams.

I did have a friend of mine point out that this survey is for EVERY sport and that the New York Yankees would be the most popular team in New York State.

Now that is hard to argue. Growing up in West Seneca, I was a fan of the Yankees and would always watch the games on MSG. So I know that the Yankees get a lot of love across the state. Also with 27 World Championships, The Yankees have a worldwide fan base that the Buffalo Bills cannot compete with.

So...I guess you could say the Yankees would be the most popular, but since I am a member of the BillsMafia...I will go on record and say this survey is 100% true!


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