A fight among inmates led to another inmate and a corrections officer being 'shanked' by a weapon. The attack took place in Attica Prison's mess hall. An inmate was eating at a table when another inmate approached while making 'slashing' hand motions. The attacker had a 6.5-inch shank on him.

The attacker was joined by three other attackers, according to WIVB. Officers tried to stop the fight, but their orders were ignored. Other officers responded to the altercation and the three inmates who joined the instigator of the fight stopped and tried to blend into the general population. The attacker and victim continued to fight. They were both pepper-sprayed, but the attacker continued to slash. During the attempt to break up the fight, the corrections officer was stabbed in the left hand.

Both inmates were taken to the prison infirmary. The victim had to be taken to an outside hospital. The corrections officer was also taken to an outside hospital due to his wound and blood exposure. All five of the inmates involved in the mele have been placed in Special Housing Units while awaiting disciplinary charges. The officer has not returned to work yet.

A corrections officer at Attica was suspended for joking about the 10 Black people who were murdered by a white supremacist. Also, there have been allegations of abuse at the hands of prison guards there. It seems as though there is a need for investigation into how Attica is being managed.

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