ATV's are currently illegal to drive on streets and in parks in Buffalo but residents still see ATV riders driving through those areas. Now, the fines for ATV riders in non-ATV areas will be increasing dramatically.

According to WKBW, a new legislation that would be put into ordinance by December would increase the fines 10 times the current amount for illegal ATV riders.

Currently, violators see fines of $150-$300. The new fines would be $1500-$2000!!

That's not all. The ATV will be confiscated and put up for auction at an outside region, making it difficult for the rider to buy back his or her ATV.

"They're flying down Bailey, they're flying down Clinton Street just to get to Houghton Park, and it's a real problem we have here in the Kaisertown neighborhood, but this is also going on in other parts of the city," Fontana said.

"My message to the ATV drivers either get some land in the country, or sell the ATV," Fontana said.

The new ordinance will be presented at next week's common council meeting.

ATV's are fun but they should be used in the country -- not public parks or neighborhood streets.

Read the full story at WKBW.

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