Sometimes stories come along that are incredibly hard to see, read or write. This is one of those stories but hopefully, some good can come from it and we can finally put an end to illegal dirt bikes and ATV's in the City of Buffalo and Western New York.

WKBW is reporting that a mother named Destiny was with her four-year-old daughter and their dog Kirk this past Tuesday when an unnecessary tragedy took place.

An illegal dirt bike ran over and killed their do Kirk and nearly hit Destiny's four-year-old daughter as well. It's a heartbreaking story that seems unimaginable and even more perplexing to why the dirt bike driver didn't even stop or look back.

"It happened so fast," Destiny said, "He did a "wheelie" right over my dog. He never stopped, he never looked back, he never slowed down."

The illegal dirt bike ran a red light near JFK park in Buffalo and that's when it happened.

You might have heard stories since last spring about illegal dirt bikes and ATV's being driven, sometimes in large packs, in Buffalo and Western New York and there are efforts to put an end to them on the streets.

Last week a new initiative in Buffalo was created to offer a $100 reward for information to confiscation of illegal ATV's and dirt bikes.

Those caught will be slapped with a $2,500 fine and their illegal vehicle taken away by police.

Destiny and others are hoping the story of Kirk being killed and a child almost being hurt will be enough to turn the tide to end illegal dirt bikes and ATV's on our streets.

It's not often a story gets me angry but this story definitely qualifies.

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