We have this dilemma that is going on in our house and has been the topic of a lot of anxious decision-making and stress. Now, I know that there are families out there who have much tougher situations in their house, and something like this does not even compare.

Though, this is a stressful situation that seems like more and more families recently have had to debate about: what to do with my newborn's flat head?

Our son was born back in August last year and to be honest, we thought we had this miracle baby. Everyone was telling us how our sleeping would be off or how horrible it is waking up with the baby every night, but after the first month or so, our son was a sleeping CHAMP.

Giving us 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep was such wonderful news we got to share when people asked how he was sleeping.

But it does come with a downside: a flat head.

Even though he was sleeping great, kids who spend too much time on their backs, have a flat head. This did not seem to be a problem back in the day for the last generation because a lot of parents would have their kids sleep on their stomachs, but since, experts have recommended that babies sleep on their back ONLY for the first year of their lives.

We have gone to a couple of doctors now, who have said there are no developmental issues and it is purely a personal choice if we want to get the shaping helmet or not. No recommendation either way, which is what we were kind of looking for. So, now, I turn to you and ask you what you think.

Did your kid have a flat head? At what point did you decide when to or not to get the shaping helmet? Our son is 6 months old and the doctors said that we need to get a helmet on him soon if we do, in fact, decide to get the helmet because at 9 months, it is not as easy to shape the head at that point.

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