Mom Gets Pregnant Twice At Once
What an awesome story that is a baby phenomenon.
Rebecca Roberts and her partner Rhys, were trying to have a baby and eventually decided to seek treatment in order to help. They became pregnant and grew more and more excited and then at the 12 week mark: utterly shocked...
Is This ‘Redneck Iron’ The Best Hack To Un-wrickle Clothes?
We had a little bit of a situation this morning on Clay and Company and we had to get creative...and FAST! Clay had to go to Channel 4 to do a little video shoot for a Veteran's promotion that will be coming up in the Fall, and the shirt that our promotions guy gave him, was a bottom-of-the box…
Why Moms Always Say They Want ‘Nothing’ From Their Kids
I'm comfortable enough to tell you-- I teared up a bit during this.
Your relationship with your mom changes. You become less dependent on her in ways and become better friends. It's the person the person who brought you into this world, the first person you met and the first person that lov…

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