Continuing a tradition set years ago, one local attorney in Western New York is helping to support families in need during this time of year.

David W. Polak started the tradition a few years back, where he would give away four turkeys for Thanksgiving to families in need. This year, there is a 14% increase in dinner costs this year for Thanksgiving, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation

While the cost for Thanksgiving dinner has continued to slowly rise over the last several years, David W. Polak is driven to give this holiday season because he knows what it’s like to not have food on the table.

“Growing up a poor kid,” David W. Polak said in a Facebook post. “I know what it is like to go to sleep hungry.” 

These turkeys are by no means small. David W. Polak plans to give four families in need a 17-19 pound Turkey, and he also plans to provide stuffing as a side. 

However, he still wanted to protect the identity of those in need, who may not want people in the community knowing that they are struggling for the holidays. David W. Polak began accepting nominations through Facebook messenger, and he made sure to ask for people to reach him on his Facebook page at David W Polak Attorney At Law, P.C.  

David W. Polak accepted the first four families in need as they were provided to him, and those nominations came in quickly. Those four families have been spoken to and each of them will be able to pick up their turkeys and stuffing by Tuesday at the David W. Polak Attorney at Law, P.C. office.  

“I’ve been blessed by many,” David W. Polak wrote on Facebook. “I give back to others who just need a hand.” 

While the story on its own is heartwarming, the comments section flooded with Western New Yorkers offering to jump in to help with sides and additional costs. 

We truly live in the City of Good Neighbors. 

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