Ready for winter? Love the snow? If you hate the cold and snow, there is bad news. Mother Nature is making plans for Old Man Winter to return and it won't be long before he gets here. But perhaps it is time to look at the winter and cold weather differently? Maybe a new hobby or project is in store?

Those of us who grew up in the Western New York area have gone through the bitter cold and long, snowy winters ever year. It really is not a big deal IF you prepare and have something fun to do. It's that time of the year to get the backyard ice rink set up and there is one day to be ready for here in New York State.

It was announced this week that The Syracuse Pond Hockey Classic will return in January. The event happens on Hiawatha Lake in Syracuse on Saturday, January 28th! If they think that a lake will be ready for skating by that day, certainly your rink will be good to go! Typically, most people that I know try to get the rink boards and plastic down before the snow flies. If that isn't a possibility, be ready before the New Year begins.

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