Is there anything that will have people torn more than to see two things that they love together - that don't feel like they should be together?

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We love wings in Buffalo.  It's no secret.  When you say Buffalo to people, often, the first thing that comes to their mind is...snow.  But then right after that, it's wings.  We are the home of what the rest of the country calls the Buffalo Wing (although we just call them wings).

We also love bacon.  That smoked and salted meat will make a grown man move mountains if he has to in order to get some.  We will eat it with eggs, covered in chocolate, even on a salad! We will eat it here or there.  We will eat it everywhere.  We like it on just about everything.

But how do we feel about bacon paired up WITH our wings?

Have you ever had two friends that you really liked, then they start dating or hanging out and then you don't like them that much?  I kind of feel like this is what's going to happen here.  But then again, they could be the next power couple!

There is a restaurant in Buffalo that experiments with all kinds of flavors.  There's a pizza that is themed after one of your favorite chicken restaurants that they call the "Nick Fil-A Pizza."  They even developed a "Fish Fry Pizza."  They put Sahlen's Hot Dogs on one and even had one with peaches on it.

They've never been afraid to experiment.  It's one of the coolest things about this place.  But have they gone too far here?

Yes...those are wings...with bacon wrapped around them.

I mean, if they're crispy enough, I'd definitely give them a try.  Maybe deep fry the whole thing to make sure?

Good for them for going for it.  What do you think?  Is this something that Buffalo could get into?

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