Bullying is a serious subject and it's important to bring awareness to this issue to help those affected cope with the effects of bullying.  We've all heard horrible stories of kids who have taken their own lives after suffering from all types of bullying like physical, verbal, indirect, and cyber bullying.

On Wednesday, April 25th at 7 p.m. at the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts.  Join the fight against bullying at the 6th Annul Band Against Bullying event.  The event will star a variety of schools participate by hosting auditions and/or competitions that incorporate the arts within their own school, related to the theme of Dignity. The acts are encouraged to combine multiple forms of art to create the most dynamic illustration of Dignity Awareness.

Celebrity judges include singer/songwriter Eric Van Houten, Songwriter/Producer Grant Michaels, Former Boxer & Community Actvist 'Baby' Joe Mesi and Sabres Alumni Andrew Peters.

Tickets are $5.00

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