Thursday, Barker Central Schools gave their students something to be thankful for.

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The school sent a letter to parents and students announcing it would not be giving homework to students during Thanksgiving week, reports WKBW.

In the letter, the district encouraged students to use the time to recharge and (safely) connect with family and loved ones.

Principal Michael Carter said in the letter:

"Spend time (in a socially distant responsible way) with family and friends. Be a kid. Be a parent. Be a friend. Don't worry about school and be in the moment."

A recent article in the Washington Post details the social-emotional toll the pandemic is taking on schoolchildren:

"Their worlds have been turned upside down at a time when their brain is growing and changing faster than the speed of sound. All because of toxic stress."
-Washington Post

Experts say the disruption of going from in-person school to remote or virtual learning is increasing the risk children in this generation will have heart disease and diabetes.

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