After July 4th hits, I feel like we're truly in the heart of summer, and there's no better time of year to invite your friends and family over to enjoy some great BBQ!

However, there can be very serious accidents that may occur, especially if we aren't careful when gathering, let’s say, around a grill. "Make sure you've got a source of water or a fire extinguisher handy in case things get out of control," says Rich Barnes from The Barnes Firm. "Be sure to give your grill or smoker frequent cleanings as well to avoid the possibility of a flare up," he added.

Rich, who sees dozens of accident and injury cases every day at The Barnes Firm, reminds us that practicing proper safety can help us avoid possible injuries. And, by staying safe, we can continue to enjoy all the activities we love to do this time of year.

If enjoying the many beautiful waterways Buffalo has to offer is on your list of things to do this summer, don’t forget to take extra caution around or in the water. Last weekend, I actually witnessed a man who capsized his jet ski and nearly drowned before we pulled him to safety onto our boat.

These are the types of things that happen that people tend to not think about until they happen. When you leave shore, make sure there's somebody else with you and, as Rich says, "practice good boating etiquette" by being mindful of your speed and looking out for others.

If you’ve been injured and need help, call The Barnes Firm at (800) 800-0000.

You can also fill out a contact request form at for a free case evaluation. Or call their Downtown Buffalo or Grider Street office now – it could be the best call you make!

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