I remember the first time I saw a Keurig coffee maker. I thought it was one of the weirdest things I'd ever seen.  Now, they're everywhere.  Just about everyone has one in their house or their office.  Now they're upping the ante.  They've essentially created a "Keurig for Cocktails."

Just in case you live under a rock, this is how a Keurig works in a nutshell.  You fill the machine with water or hook it up to a water source and when you're ready for a coffee or a tea, you insert a small cup filled with your favorite brand of coffee, press a button, and one hot cup of coffee is quickly brewed for you.

Now, they're doing the same for cocktails.  This machine is from an Ontario-based company called Bartesian.  In essence, the machine is the same as a Keurig, only instead of supplying it with water, you supply it with basic alcohol (gin, rum, vodka, tequila).  Then put your favorite flavor cocktail pod in the machine and let it do the work of mixing it perfectly and quickly for you.


Sounds like an incredible idea to me!  Even better, the cups for the Bartesian machine are recyclable.

But do the drinks taste the same?  That's something that I would be happy to test out for them!

If you would like to get a Bartesian machine, they are set to start shipping Spring 2016; but you can get in on the fun early for $300 on their Kickstarter campaign right now.


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