First Bar in WNY TO Serve Truly On Tap
Spiked seltzer waters is all of the rage lately. Truly, Smirnoff or White Claws have been the powerhouse brands that you see at most gas stations and now, it's coming out of the tap at one bar in Western New York.
Santora's on Transit Road in Williamsville is the only one in WNY with Truly …
Silo Climbing
A few years ago, there was a ton of attention being paid to revitalizing and growing Buffalo's waterfront.  Now, not only has it met the expectations set forth, it's surpassed them.  Now, you can expect even more at the waterfront.
New Country Bar
You've probably been in this building before. It's changed names a handful of times in the past decade, but let's hope that Nashville II will come to be a staple here in town. If you're looking to get your live music fix and your line dance on, this is the new hot spot in town...
Keurig For Cocktails
I remember the first time I saw a Keurig coffee maker. I thought it was one of the weirdest things I'd ever seen.  Now, they're everywhere.  Just about everyone has one in their house or their office.  Now they're upping the ante.  They've essentially created …