There has been a streak of BB gun vandalism in Chautauqua County recently and sheriff's deputies are asking for your assistance.

Over the last couple of days, someone has been shooting out windows in what could become a more serious matter.

Because these incidents are happening overnight, it is possible that someone could mistake a BB gun for a real gun if they happen to confront the vandal in the dark.

According to Channel 4:

The incidents have been reported in Portland, Brocton, Stockton, and Westfield.Deputies say most have happened during the overnight hours.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office at 753-2131.

Many of today's pellet/BB guns have a similar look to a rifle or shotgun. Not only are these guns able to pop windows in cars and buildings, they can cause serious injury.

BB guns and pellet guns have an interesting history. What started out as a larger sized ball has shrunk in size over time and has been mostly used for target practice. Some of the more ornate and powerful pellet guns can and are used for hunting small game.



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