It was a popular item of discussion on social media this week. Whether or not it is a good idea to allow kids as young as 12 to hunt with a shotgun/ rifle? It would also require that those individuals be supervised by an adult.

Currently, kids who are 12 can hunt deer with a bow in New York. The plan to allow them to hunt with a gun is backed by the idea that it will help to keep kids interested in hunting as well as help preserve many family traditions.

I have been hunting for 26 years and have notice a steady decline in the amount of people who hunt. As people get busier, the amount of time available to hunt becomes smaller. Families seem to have little spare time these days as kids and parents have incredibly full schedules. It is tough for kids to be introduced to hunting and the outdoors when parents can't even get to the woods.

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According to MetroSource News:

Senators Rob Ortt and Michael Ranzenhofer co-sponsored the bill which is being heavily criticized. The bill still has to make it through the Democrat controlled Assembly.

Animal rights groups and those who fear guns have voiced concern that it will "desensitize" kids to animals' feelings or increase the potential for gun related accidents.

The younger hunters will still have to take required hunter safety courses and purchase the appropriate licenses in addition to following all NYS DEC laws.


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