There have been plenty of bear sightings in Western New York this season.

According to the Informing Citizens of Lancaster on Facebook, there were some bear sightings in south Lancaster, close to the Elma town line. The two places that people saw the bears on Thursday were at Aurora and Enchanted Forest and then at Lake and Lake Forest.

Just days ago, there were reports of bear sightings over on the corner of Genesee and Harris Hill and then by Broadway and Bowen.

The bears have lived among Western New York forever. Even though it seems alarming when someone sees one in your town, they have always been traveling through the backyards. Over the years, though, it seems like they bears get more and more comfortable with roaming in populated areas. Last year, there were reports of black bears roaming through yards and neighborhoods by the airport, which is not exactly a place that you would think bears like to hang out in Western New York.

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