If you know a beer lover in Western New York, you know that they all fit into one of these 5 categories.

Beer drinking in Buffalo is almost like a personality type.  Once you fit into one group, very rarely do you stray from it.

With all the incredible breweries in the area, it would be difficult to avoid finding something you liked if you tried. What we've noticed, is that you can tell a lot about someone by what they like to drink.  The beer preference is almost a window to the soul for some people.

Light Beer

They are a quantity over quality type of person. It doesn’t really matter what comes before the word “Light” they plan on drinking all 30 regardless. They say every time they watch “Talledega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby” it gets funnier. They could drive anything from a pickup truck to a Chevy Cobalt.  But it's almost always an American car.


Loves video games, "Dungeons and Dragons," and juice boxes. Probably knows every word to every episode of “The Office.”  They drive a Prius.


These beer drinkers probably have a beard that is 6 inches or longer…but no hair on the top of their head. Their sense of humor is dry. They listen to music that no one knows and always say goodbye by saying "cheers." They drive a bike.


They're a little older and can afford a more expensive beer. They truthfully like the taste of beer and like to tell you about the “notes.” They believe anything other than Ales are “watery crap”. Chances are they wax their handlebar mustache. They are open minded and only buy organic food. They drive Volvos and Lexuses.

Stouts and Porters

Normally only drink 1-3 beers max. But if they drink more than that, they will tell you every detail of Game of Thrones if you have 7 hours of free time.  They’re normally laid back and prefer to be at the quiet end of the bar.  They don't drive.


How close are we?  Did your personality match one of these types of beers?

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