Nothing says Buffalo, NY like wings. From Anchor Bar to Duffs, from La Nova to Gabriel's Gate, from Bar Bill to Doc Sullivan's, the list goes on and on. Whether you like the flat or the bat, the wing or the drum – hot, medium or mild, we want to know who does them best!

You voted and here are the winners. the Cellino & Barnes Best 8 Places for wings in Buffalo. Tweet your favorites using #TheBest8. So let us know on Twitter @Cellino_Barnes and keep checking in to find out the results.



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    Leo's Pizzeria

  • 7

    Mr. Goodbar

  • 6

    Hat Trix Bar & Grill

  • 5

    Kettles Korner

  • 4


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    Roaming Dee's

  • 2

    Bar Bill Tavern

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    And Number One Is...