Your best friend just got engaged.  She asked you to be the maid of honor.  The big question is...where is the bachelorette party going to be?

If you've ever seen the movie Bridesmaids, you know about the scene where the girls are sitting around a table before they go to a dress fitting and they start bringing up where they should have the bachelorette party.  Everybody has different ideas.  Some people want Disney...others Vegas...some even want a fight club.

It's not an easy task to plan a party like that.  Bachelor and bachelorette parties are tough!  You want it to be all about the bride or groom but you also want for everyone else that is coming to want to be there.  It's tough.

Can I say too that a lot of these parties have gotten blown WAY out of proportion?  What used to be a night to get together with your friends before you tie the knot has turned into week-long vacations in some cases that cost thousands of dollars. They're pretty crazy.

But if you have decided that you're going to plan a trip with your girls to have some fun before the big day, what cities should you hit up?

It's National Wedding Month and to celebrate, Lawn Love did a study to rank 2023’s Best Bachelorette Party Destinations.  They looked at things like how many attractions there were, how good the restaurants were, nightlife options, and spas. They also considered safety, cost, and transportation options, among 21 total metrics.

They took those metrics to 200 cities in the US. What cities came out on top?  It's no surprise that the biggest cities floated to the top of the list.  Cities like Miami, New York, and San Francisco were in the top 3.

New York was actually represented 5 times.  New York City wasn't a surprise at #2, but the order of the other 4 cities might surprise you:

  1. New York City (2)
  2. Rochester (40)
  3. Buffalo (46)
  4. Syracuse (57)
  5. Yonkers (81)

I was a little surprised that Rochester came in above Buffalo because the cities are so similar, but Buffalo is bigger.  But Rochester scored much higher in the "resting and relaxing" category than Buffalo did, which makes sense.

If you're planning a trip out of state for your upcoming bachelorette party, you might want to check out the entire list here.

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