I have to be honest here, wings and pizza were always my "go-to's" for Buffalo food. They're just the foods I eat the most often. That's not to say I don't lobe beef on weck, because I absolutely do. It's just not quite as in my restaurant order rotation as the others.

Growing up in Western New York, you learn what places are the best for a great beef on weck. You have to have the right amount of salt and caraway seeds on the warn and soft kimmelweck roll. You also need the best beef around. Tender but not overcooked, yet flavorful enough. It's a true thing of art when you get one that perfect.

I loved going to Charlie the Butcher and Bar-Bill with my family for a beef on weck, but as I got older I also discovered other great places around the Buffalo area.

But I've now heard from friends, along with numerous social media comments and websites, that there's a special place in Olean, NY that needs your attention for beef on weck.

Beef 'N Barrel.

Beef 'N Barrel is located in Olean, so it's about an 80-90 minute drive from Buffalo. But according to many, it's well worth the drive and perhaps its location in Western New York and the southern tier might be a reason why it's overlooked.

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Upstate New York says it was overwhelmed by people saying to give it some love, while there are comments on Step Out Buffalo that mention Beef 'N Barrel.

I think that region of New York is so fascinating. Olean is in the Western New York region, but also is the southern tier and is far enough east that some might say it's not even part of the Western New York area at all. But there is great food in that area and it seems that there are places off-the-beaten-path to grab sensational beef on weck sandwiches!

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